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WoodRoze Wooden Sunglasses
Woodroze strives to combine a passion for action sports with the love for the great outdoors, while at the same time maintaining a deep respect for nature. Founded in Orlando, FL with roots from all over the world, WoodRoze crafts a one-of-a-kind product --- all limited runs and each pair unique!

A Message From WoodRoze: We were born in a shack, in a very small town. The three sons of an avid outdoorsman. We hunted for meals, split wood for heat and made the best of what the outdoors had to offer. We had unknowingly ingrained respect for Mother Nature before we could walk. It made sense to ask the question: "How can we not only respect nature, but also involve it in our everyday activities?" From our passion, experiences, and love for nature, WoodRoze was born.