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At we are here as an authorized Fujita dealer to deliver you with the best Fujita Intake Systems including Cold Air Intakes and Short Ram Intake Systems you can buy. By providing you with the best service and quality standards, you can feel great about making one of the simplest performance upgrades to your car.

Fujita Air is the industry leader in auto performance products. Fujita undergoes wide-ranging testing on the in-house Dynojet, this will guarantee the highest amount of horsepower, torque, and safe air/fuel ratios. Our systems provide fantastic performance gains to your vehicle compared to the more restrictive factory air intake system. The Fujita air intake systems not only perform well but look great with the polished tubing that makes your engine bay shine. The sound of a Fujita Air intake at higher RPM is like music to your ears. When it comes to overall performance nothing is over seen and everything is made to go beyond your expectations.

Fujita is popular for the quality they offer at such a reasonable price point. At Fujita all air intakes are made from 6061 T6 aluminum having even mandrel bends which allow the highest flow of air. Fujita super flow high performance air filter was designed keeping in mind maximum efficiency without compromising proper filtration.

So knowing that Fujita puts so much research and quality control into every intake produced you can rest assured that you will have a quality intake in your vehicle that will give you the performance you desire.

*At we in no way represent the manufacturer known as Fujita F5 Air and are operated under a division of Z&E Auto.