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TEIN High Performance Suspension

TEIN' s approach to the Ultimate Sports Suspension
TEIN offers ideal suspension systems for drivers who want quicker and better response to drive freely through turns and who are in pursuit of the ultimate driving experience. It provides your vehicle the road holding which allows you to drive as you always imagined. It is an aggressive suspension which lets you put all you have into driving, and allows you look forward to attacking the next unknown turn. TEIN suspensions maintain their superior performance, and are highly durable. Quality of TEIN products can withstand the high demands of the race track. This is what TEIN sees as the ideal sports suspension. Each of TEIN' s products brings this ideal to reality.

TEIN' s superior Quality : Bringing Competition Specification to the Streets
TEIN's foundation of suspension manufacturing lies on motorsports. They believe that the field of motorsports where each millisecond weighs heavily, is indispensable as a place to improve suspension engineering technology. The World Rally Championships, where the potential is tested on all types of surfaces and the N1 race where production basis cars race head to head for the 1/1000 second lead is where TEIN participates in the motorsports scene as part of the development process. The information gathered from motorsport is fed back to all of TEIN's products so that customers can enjoy this high performance on the streets. Some may think that this level of performance is too much for the streets. However, TEIN aims to give an answer to these aggressive drivers who are not satisfied with other suspension kits. TEIN' s superior performance is born in pure motorsports specifications.

Maintaining High Technology Standards as a Suspension Manufacturer
TEIN approaches suspension manufacturing with pride, in order to create ideal sports suspension. Take for instance, the shock absorber, TEIN's non-compromising approach to reach the specifications for the ultimate shock absorber leads them to input each car models' s characteristics at designing process. TEIN as suspension specialists strive to use the best materials, the most efficient manufacturing processes and the highest overall specification for its products . Unfortunately, there are many products on the market that only supply half the package. This can be a standard type damper with modified settings only or a damper insert to fit a standard shell case, either way this is a compromise. They are a total manufacturer involved in planning, development, prototype designing, testing, production and quality management. This enables TEIN to pursue the highest performance of each part in each stage before the production. Their shock absorbers are the manifestation of TEIN' s philosophy. Here are a few examples of TEIN's technology. By applying sealed material to the friction surface, friction is exterminated to the minimum, and smooth movement can be achieved. All joints are applied with sealed material to ensure stable damping control. They use the highest quality chrome molybdenum, and their rod guide clearance is precise to the 1/1000 mm measurement. The overall capacity of the shock absorbers has been also increased. TEIN shock absorbers are 1.3 times the capacity of normal sports shock absorbers, and they have succeeded in maintaining consistent performance at the most arduous conditions. TEIN shock absorbers can be disassembled / assembled. This means, the shock absorbers can be overhauled, and the specifications changed. This allows products to assure for long term with high performance, in addition to adjust the suspension settings, according to the driver and conditions.

Setting and High Quality for Street Usage
In certain terms, street usage may be the toughest situation for suspensions. Indeed, specifications for circuit or rally usage call for the ultimate refinement. However, adapting this into street usage, not only does it call for premium sports performance, but an additional requirement compatibility with series production fittings and comfort must also be fulfilled. In particular, since the partial revision of the safety regulations in Japan, the height adjustable shock absorbers which have been categorized as "competition auto parts" are now seen as parts with broad usage. TEIN has introduced the height adjustable shock absorber - Type H2 Damper series early on, and planed to make installation easier by producing manuals for each model in order to satisfy the DIY users. They will put even more emphasis on quality and safety for the expansion of TEIN's suspension fields. TEIN has strong confidence of their safety and quality standards.

High Value for Money Through Craftsmanship and High Efficiency Production
Letting as many drivers as possible to use TEIN products at a reasonable price while maintaining high standards of craftsmanship may seem as two opposite factors. However, TEIN, as a specialized suspension maker, can bring this into reality through high efficiency production. Of course, all TEIN products are put under several quality checks. The prototypes are fitted onto actual cars to check feeling and for specification tests using an on - board data processing system. Inspection and analysis from various angles are done by using the CAD - CAM - CAE system. For parts which need high precision, a computer controlled lathe is used. By utilizing this systematic production process, TEIN can achieve high performance products at reasonable prices.

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