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SU is making the easiest way available to change the look and color of anything available to the masses with professional grade vinyl wrap. Apply the product to any surface you choose and you have a cost-efficient, safe, and weatherproof way to change the way your item looks. The vinyl wrap has memory properties which cover mistakes by reheating the product back to its original molding form. The film is made of multilayer cast PVC which is extremely flexible and has a high conform-ability.

APPLICATION: The PE-coated adhesive material facilitates air egress thus avoiding bubbles and creases during application. With the use of a heat gun, this material can be stretched and recalled to it's original state due to the memory properties of the material. The memory of the material allows for installation mistakes to be made and then heated back to its original state, making the application easier than you would think.
If you would like a trial piece of material to experiment with, it is located here.

For example, to get a 12" x 27" piece of vinyl wrap, purchase Qty: 1
For longer sizes of material, simply increase the quantity in your order.
Also available in 57" wide.