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AutoExe -  “Sport performance” over “sporty-ness”
Mazdaspeed 6: an unbelievably cool turbo sedan

The long awaited comeback of the 4WD + sedan is the very essence of “a wolf in sheep’s clothing.”  And specially developed to propel the evolution of this maker’s line into a new space and time is AutoExe's product line for the MS6. With the add-on installment of real carbon splitters around the entire car body, competitive impact is taken to a whole new level.  The high performance demanded by turbo and desired by 4WD such as DISI turbo response, sound elevating special garnished stainless mufflers, suspension items offering the height of 4WD stability, and reinforcement parts that enhance stiff body sharpness supports that kind of driving. You don’t want “sporty-ness,” you want “sports performance”!  This is the secret weapon that takes the MS Atenza outside the Atenza realm.


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