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Eneos 100% Fully Synthetic 0W-50 Motor Oil: 1 Quart
Eneos 0W50 Motor Oil

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ENEOS Motor Oil 0W50 is the ultimate 100% synthetic oil for gasoline engines. Applying the advanced oil technology developed for auto racing by the Nippon Oil Corporation, this motor oil has an ultra wide 0W-50 viscosity range, so it provides outstanding performance from the very coldest to the very highest temperatures. ENEOS Motor Oil 0W50 is especially suited for sports cars with large engine displacements and high outputs.● SPECIAL FEATURES

100% Synthetic Gasoline Motor Oil
When high-output cars with large engine displacements are driven for long periods at high temperatures and heavy loads, they need the outstanding heat resistance and oxidation stability that only a synthetic motor oil can provide. Because ENEOS Motor Oil 0W50 is made from 100% synthetic oil, it has an ultra wide 0W-50 viscosity range that ensures superb starting performance even at cold winter temperatures as well as excellent oil film retention at hot summer temperatures and during high-speed driving at heavy engine loads.

Outstanding High-temperature Oxidation Stability and Coking Resistance
Because ENEOS Motor Oil 0W50 is made from a carefully designed blend of 100% synthetic base oils and optimized additives, its high-temperature oxidation stability is vastly superior to motor oils made from mineral base oils. ENEOS Motor Oil 0W50 also has outstanding coking resistance, an essential property for protecting turbo rotors that are operated at high temperatures and speeds.

Superior Drive-Train Wear Resistance and Excellent Cleanliness
ENEOS Motor Oil 0W50s synthetic base allows it to maintain a strong oil film even at high temperatures, speeds, and loads. Its antiwear protection is particularly effective in the drive trains of overhead cam systems, where the lubrication conditions are especially severe. This motor oil also has superb thermal and oxidation stability, so it maintains excellent engine cleanliness by suppressing sludge formation, which can cause engine seizures and pump clogging.

Meets Latest API Standard
ENEOS Motor Oil 0W50s outstanding performance is proven by its certification for the SM specification, the latest motor oil standard issued by the American Petroleum Institute.

Motor oil for gasoline engines.

Sports cars with large displacements and high outputs, high-performance passenger cars, racing-specification cars, etc.

1USQ bottle

Typical Properties of ENEOS Motor Oil Pro Racing

Quality grade
SAE viscosity grade 0W-50
Appearance Orange
Density (15C), g/cm3 0.847
Flash point (COC), C 232
Kinematic viscosity (40C), mm2/s 104
         (100C), mm2/s 18.0
Viscosity index 192
Pour point, C 45.0
TAN, mgKOH/g 2.3
TBN (HCl), mgKOH/g 6.4
Color (ASTM) L3.0

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