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cp-e 3" SS CATLESS Downpipe: Mazdaspeed 3
CPE Mazdaspeed3 SS Downpipe
Photo of CPE Mazdaspeed 3 SS Downpipe w/o Highflow Cat

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CP-E 3" SS Downpipe System
Application: Mazdaspeed 3

Following the same successful recipe CP-E used for their MS6 downpipe, their new MS3 downpipe replaces the choked factory pipe and its two restrictive cats, with one high-flow cat and a 3” mandrel bend pipe. The catalytic converter features a high-flow, all metallic honeycomb design, making it one of the most durable converters on the market. The result of the efforts are reduced backpressure, decreased turbo spool time, increased horsepower and a more aggressive sound. For an even greater dose of the same great sound and power, option out the downpipe without a catalytic converter ( for off-road use only). NO CEL (check engine light) with high flow cat. installed!! For downpipes without a cat, CP-E will be releasing their CEL fix.

Although more power and great sound are high priority items when buying a 3" downpipe, the fine details are what ensure that the product will satisfy the end-user for a lifetime. CP-E does not use mild "junk" steel or even cut and welded intermediate bends on this pipe. Their downpipe is crafted from premium “Bright annealed” 304 stainless steel and is mandrel bent throughout for less turbulent exhaust flow. The flanges are 3/8” thick laser cut 304 stainless steel and critical portions of the pipe for high strength and durability. Critical portions of the pipe are TIG welded. TIG welds are usually avoided in this industry because they require more time and skill than a MIG weld, despite the fact that TIG welds are better suited for thin metals, are better looking, and create a more durable bond. CP-E held nothing back with this product. A great vehicle requires great products!

When paired with the new CP-E cat back exhaust system, the full CP-E turbo back system on a MS3 gained about 30 horsepower and 40 lb/ft of torque to the wheels compared to the stock system. There is more to the graphs than just the ‘peak gains’. The mid-range is greatly enhanced, and you will notice how much quicker the power comes on with the CP-E turbo back installed.
For a full product discussion and TurboBack Dyno Results go HERE.

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Warranty and Mods April 26, 2009
Reviewer: Ben Ptak from Bolingbrook, IL United States  
I've just ordered my CP-E downpipe and it should arrive shortly.  I've done A LOT of research including speaking to professionally trained MAZDA mechanics with experience doing this install.

Apparently the length of installation is variable, as with most vehicle modifications.  What takes one person 2 hours may take someone else 5, however, it CAN BE DONE and should not leak, blow smoke, etc. and should always be done by a TRAINED PROFESSIONAL.

Also, those of you concerned with voiding your warranty should read up on the Magnuson-Moss Act of 1975.  Basically states that any warranty provider MUST PROVE that your aftermarket part was responsible for whatever failure.  This means that if you install a downpipe and then have a problem with your electrical system, the dealer cannot deny you service covered by your warranty.

Just a heads up.

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Unhappy and a bit lucky January 30, 2009
Reviewer: timothy hobby from oak harbor, WA United States  
as Joe B wrote the quality wasnt very good had many of the same problems. Took my MS3 in for an oil change and Recall request. when i got there there wasnt a CEL on it but when they took it to the shop found out that the CAT they put in it isnt effeicent enough and was causing problems. told me to remove it and get it replaced, and they wouldnt void my warrenty just yet since the head mech. haddnt seen it yet. So in the end if you wana risk your warrenty amoung other things go for it but other wise dont bother.

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Disappointing quality and support. December 22, 2008
Reviewer: Joe B from PA United States  
Didn't care much for the hacks that the CPE products require.  In this case the rear O2 sensor location results in the wires being pretty tight, something that could result in a problem over time.  The secondary bung was incorrectly tapped which resulted in a damaged plug.  Support wasn't great, I was told to clean the threads (as if dirt was the problem).  Had to take it to a machine shop to mend.  They also smoothed some rough spots.  The rear doesn't mate well with the MS cat back so leaks are present.  To top it all off since installation my car now smokes like crazy after it warms and idles for a short period.  Yes there's a power increase but it's hardly worth it considering the hassles and condition my car is now in.

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Install tips November 24, 2008
Reviewer: Dewey  Bryan from Germantown, TN United States  
Superb quality from CP-E and a great price from Street Unit.  If you can build ramps that are 10" high you can do this install in your garage.  9 pages of directions with 16 pictures.  On page 5, it takes about 5 full turns to remove each O2 sensor.  On page 7, leave the catalytic converter support bracket as the last piece to remove so that the downpipe won't be left hanging by the studs as you loosen the 14mm bolts.  On page 8, the downpipe elbow lower bolts are a challenge but they can be accessed.  On page 9 of the it is easier to remove the rear O2 sensor connectors from the harness plate before installing the new downpipe.  Just rock it back and forth (front and rear) if you don't have 90 degree pliers.  On page 8 it takes a little wrestling but the CP-E downpipe WILL install from the bottom of the car.  The performance difference is instantly noticeable.  Smoother and more linear power throughout the rpm range.  Makes a quick and fast car wickedly quick and fast !!

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great product October 21, 2008
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from nb,nj  
this is a very good power mod...very satisfying...you can really feel the difference...

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